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Morgan and Sundhage

Women’s National Team (USWNT), was named 2012 FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year, marking the third time an American woman won that honor, following Mia Hamm’s awards in 2001 and 2002.

Brazil’s Marta, who won the last five Women’s Player of the Year Awards, was named the runner up and USWNT’s Alex Morgan won third place.

Wambach, who is on the verge of leveling Hamm on the world’s all time scoring list, currently has 152 career international goals in 198 caps, with 27 of those goals coming in 2012. player to start all 32 games during the year. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year Awards (2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011).

“Individual honors only happen if you have great teams and great people who have given you the chance to be here,” said Wambach. Not only do I think Marta and Alex could have won, but many other players could have been here as well.

I don’t think of myself as the best player in the world, just a player who plays on the best team in the world.”

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FIFA Ultimate Team Wagers

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limit my search to /r/FifaUTWagersuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details.

One of the most crucial things that will make this subreddit work is the Wager Requirement Pictures. EVERY SINGLE WAGER YOU PLAY, you MUST take the following pictures: A screenshot of the post (incase the scammer deletes it) with the wager details, the start up screen (where you have the team names, gamertag/psn and badge) BEFORE readying up, The final result as the players are leaving the pitch AND/OR the final match stats (preferably both, shouldn’t be a problem to do), If you can, on the EASPORTS website it should appear that “Your GT has won X X” and the “other guys GT has lost X X”, The player that put up to be bought/trade offered to, and finally, (If you are the person who won) on the web app, of your transaction history showing that no player had been bought/trade offered to OR (If you are the person who lost) You purchasing the card (Finding the card, clicking on it, pressing purchase/trade offer, and the confirmation) . This will make sure that if you are scammed, it will provide enough proof to ban the scammer.

Make sure you only lock in against TRUSTED MEMBERS up to the value that is stated in their flair. If you go over that amount and they are found to have scammed, you will only be refunded their maximum (also, only if you are one of the first two people to have been scammed. This should never be a problem, see later in the post). Obviously you can lock in against other members of the subreddit, but you WILL NOT be refunded if they scam you.

WHAT IS LOCKING IN? By popular demand I write what locking in is: The Trusted member you are wagering will list a card, the opponent will send a trade offer of the wager value. After the match, if the Trusted member wins, he accepts, if the trusted member loses he declines the trade and purchases the opponents card.

If you have been scammed by an ordinary member of the community, message the moderators of the sub with the button below that says “Message the moderators”. Send us a message of the Reddit name, Gamertag/PSN and the value of the wager. Then along with this, an imgur album of the Wager Requirement Pictures

If you have been scammed by a “Trusted” member of the sub (see later in the post for “Trusted”), message the moderators through the method, and with the evidence above, but also create a post saying “Trusted Member _____ has scammed, be warned”. This is to try to limit the amount of people that they can scam, I will try to be on as regularly as possible to remove these posts if they do not have enough evidence, or are false. If you accuse someone of scamming in a post you created, and they haven’t/you do not provide sufficient evidence, you WILL be banned.

Please tag your post with [XBOX], [PLAYSTATION] or [PC] so that people are aware of what format your wager will be played on.

Normal Rules apply for wagers: No stat cards, no dcing to avoid a loss, no substitutes (incase of attribute cards)


To become trusted, you must first be an active member of the sub, secondly you will have to PM me WHY you believe you should be a trusted member, and the amount of money you would be willing to “buy in” to be a trusted account (This money will not go to me, it will go on another account which will be used to hold all of the money in case of a scam. The money paid will be divided by 2 to decide the maximum bet that will be refunded in case of a scam. This money will be refundable one demand if you decide you wish to not be trusted anymore, minus tax). You will be added to the list, as well as given a flair which people can see

There will be 5 categories of rank. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Bronze 10k Buy in 5k max bet.

Silver 25k Buy in 12.5k max bet.

Gold 50k Buy in 25k max bet.

Platinum 100k Buy in 50k max bet.

Diamond 250k Buy in 125k max bet.

Just to clarify These people can do higher than that max bet, but they are only covered for a refund at that level